About Girivalam: (14 km)

8 Lingams Around Girivalam Path:


Girivalam Calendar – 2023

Girivalam Calendar - 2023
Girivalam DateDayStarting TimeEnding Time
January 06, 2023Friday02:14 AM, Jan 0604:37 AM, Jan 07
February 05, 2023Sunday09:30 PM, Feb 0411:58 PM, Feb 05
March 06, 2023Monday04:17 PM, Mar 0606:10 PM, Mar 07
April 05, 2023Wednesday09:19 AM, Mar 0510:04 AM, Apr 06
April 06, 2023Thursday09:19 AM, Mar 0510:04 AM, Apr 06
May 05, 2023Friday11:59 PM, May 0411:33 PM, May 05
June 03, 2023Saturday11:16 AM, Jun 0309:11 AM, Jun 04
July 03, 2023Monday08:21 PM, Jul 0205:08 PM, Jul 03
August 01, 2023Tuesday03:51 AM, Aug 0112:01 AM, Aug 02
August 30, 2023Wednesday10:58 AM, Aug 3007:05 AM, Aug 31
August 31, 2023Thursday10:58 AM, Aug 3007:05 AM, Aug 31
September 29, 2023Friday06:49 PM, Sep 2803:27 PM, Sep 29
October 28, 2023Saturday04:17 AM, Oct 2801:53 AM, Oct 29
November 27, 2023Monday03:53 PM, Nov 2602:45 PM, Nov 27
December 26, 2023Tuesday05:46 AM, Dec 2606:02 AM, Dec 27

* Devotees undertaking Girivalam may be permitted as per the announcement released by the Tamil Nadu State Government and the district Collector.

* அரசு மற்றும் ஆட்சியரின் அறிவிப்புக்கு ஏற்ப கிரிவலம் செல்ல கிரிவலம் பக்தர்கள் அனுமதிக்கப்படுவார்கள்.


How to Make Girivalam

  • Everyone should walk around the hill barefoot.
  • Mutter the name “Om Arunachala”.
  • view the peak of the Arunachala hill during the circumambulation.
  • It should be undertaken during night.
  • There are 8 lingams, 360 holy tanks, mandapas and ashrams. There are eight lingams around the Arunachala hill one in each direction.

Indra Lingam : (East)

This is the first lingam while the hill circumambulation, worshipping this lingam yields healthy and wealthy life.

Agni Lingam : (South East)

This is the second lingam, It placed near The Lotus tank, This is the only lingam placed on right side of the circumambulation path, all other lingams are placed on left side, It occupies the South East direction, worshipping here retrieves us from all diseases and to face challenges of life.


Yema Lingam : (South)

This is the third lingam, and next to Agni lingam and 3 kM away from the Rajagopuram, and it occupies the South direction, it also has a holy tank called “Simma Theertha”, it is believed that, worship of this solves economical problems.

Niruthi Lingam : (South West)

This is the fourth lingam, while we see the peak of the holy hill Arunachala, it views accompanying of two parts of mountain and shows ‘Sivan’ and ‘Sakthi’ together. It placed in south west of Arunachala. It also has a holy tank nearby, called “Sani Theertha”, worshipping here relieves us from our difficulties.


Varuna Lingam : (West)

This temple placed West of the hill Arunachala, this is the fifth lingam. It is 8 kilometers away from the Rajagopuram. One of the holy tank called “Varuna theertha” is here. Workship of this temple retrieves from crucial diseases and promotes ones social status.

Vayu Lingam : (North West)

The whole world is made up of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. no living creature can survive without Air. While reaching this temple we feel the pleasantness of spring and get peace of mind. it is placed in Northwest direction. Worshipping here is of confers boon on ladies and children.


Kubera Lingam : (North)

This is the seventh lingam. Almost all of the devotees , who comes for circumambulation, worship here by soaring coins and currencies on this lingam. Worship of this lingam grants economical growth, and promotes peace of mind. It is placed in North direction.

Esanya Lingam : (North East)

This is the eighth and last lingam. Here gets peace of mind ability to concentrate mind on God works out his way to heaven.