Thiruvannamalai is one of the most spiritual place in Tamil Nadu. The term “Annamalai” meant an divine and volcanic mountain. The word “Thiru” was prefixed to signify its greatness, and coupled with the two terms, it is called Thiruvannamalai.

Adi Annamalai Temple

Adi Annamalai Temple is located in Girivalam path . This is the sacred place where saint poet Manickavasagar wrote Thiruvempavai. As enjoined, one should enter the temple by the Main Gate in front of the Sanctumsanctorum. Before entering the Eastern Gate we see the Sixteen-Pillared Mandapam and the Four-Pillared Mandapam. When we pass the Eastern Tower Gate we see the Gopura Ganapathi. This deity is held in high esteem and veneration by all devotees and the first worship to Him. We first come to the fifth prakaram and see before us the Kambathilayanar Sannidhi and Gnanappai Mandapam. Here it was that God Muruga appeared in a Pillar for the sake of the King Prabudadevaraya as prayed for by saint Arunagirinathar in response to his famouns song “Athalasadanarada”. To the south there is the sacred tank called Sivaganga Theertham. It has stonesteps and Thirumalapathi Mandapam on all four sides.


Thiruvannamalai is the center place and branches out to several important cities (Chennai, Vellore, Villupuram, Trichy, Tirupati and Bangalore) and States (Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka). The district is divided into 10 Taluks – Chengam, Thiruvannamalai, Polur, Thandarampattu, Aarani,Vandavasi, kalasapakkam, kilpennathur, chetpet and Cheyyar. Aarani is famous for silk sarees.

ReligionPopulationLiteracy RateSex Ratio
Hindus33,16,962 (92.76%)91.88%997
Jains1,50,771 (3.09%)76.88%996
Christians1,02,477 (2.95%)78.60%;1070
Muslims & Others77,107 (1.02%)71.23%823


Taluks List

S.NoTalukHeadquartersAreaPopulation (2011)Population density
1PolurPolur819 km496,481606 /km
2Thiruvannamalai-UrbanThiruvannamalai102 km285,0872,795 /km
3Thiruvannamalai-suburbankizh-Pennathur622 km387,578623 /km
4Thiruvannamalai-RuralThandarampattu691 km390,880566 /km
5AraniArani527 km299,900569 /km
6Cheyyartiruvethipuram634 km350,367553 /km
7Kalasapakkamkalasapakkam532 km292,013549 /km
8Javadhu hillsJamunamarathur645 km178,897277 /km
9VandavasiVandavasi645 km381,174591 /km
10Chengamchengam682 km396,588582 /km